Back To Geekness

My recent blog posts have not been nearly geeky enough…I mean my Blog’s tagline is “Family Man + Geek at Heart”. You’ve certainly gotten a glimpse of the “Family Man” part of the equation…but now I’m gonna hit you with […]

Bang Shebang Bop

Or in other words: ! #! -> Code monkeys have all these cute little names for various character combinations used in their code. Because programmers’ time is so much more valuable than anyone else’s they can’t call “!” an exclamation […]

Binary Fulfillment

10101101101110.  Pretty awesome eh? Once upon a time the 1’s and 0’s used to do it for me…not anymore.  As a programmer I’m spent, burnt, depleted, drained…done.  I still program for a living but the honeymoon is over.  I find […]

Getting Jiggy with JavaScript

I’ve recently accepted a position at NextStat and many of the projects I’m working on are ideal candidates for JavaScript flashiness. I played around with Scriptaculous and Prototype but for me the holy grail of JS frameworks is Moooooooootools. I’ve […]