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I Work For The Green Monster

<Redacted> Sufficeth to say, I work for Omniture and I’m enjoying it very much My wife did a nice writeup of the new digs….

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Memes

In honor of the holiday season, and in true i-have-nothing-original-to-blog-about-so-i’ll-do-a-top-X-list-post style, here are my favorite internet memes from days yonder. From my tubes to yours (there’s a joke about an surrogate motherhood in there somewhere), enjoy: 5. The Rick-Roll (a

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Pro Tip Of The Day – Apache Startup Error

I run Apache on my local machine so I can develop web applications in a self-contained environment.  I encountered a strange problem the other day when tried to start the Apache service:   First of all, what an incredibly un-helpful

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My Web Developer Toolbox

I realized today that I am very dependent on a few really nifty tools to get my work done. As a developer I am inherently lazy so I need tools that let me get things done quickly and efficiently. I

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Google Stole My Tagline!

<disclaimer>I work for NextSTAT. I am NOT an impartial bystander</disclaimer> For a company whose unofficial slogan is “don’t be evil” Google has just made their most evil, diabolical move to date. THEY STOLE MY (employer’s) TAGLINE! So what gives Goog?

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Monitoring Entries In A MySQL Table With MRTG

At work last week I set up some MRTG reports to monitor our MySQL servers. I used the handy mrtg-mysql-load utility to get queries/slow queries information but I also needed to monitor the number of records in a particular table

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Living on the Edge

There’s quite a little uproar going on about the release of a certain hex key that can be used to decrypt HD DVD movies. Apparently the AACS doesn’t like it when you publish that particular key on your blog. Desperate

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Dueling Banjos…errr…Blogs!

My wife started blogging.  I’m not sure how I feel about it just yet…on the one hand, the internet needs more blogs.  On the other hand, what if more people read her blog than mine?  Does that make me less

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Good News Son, You Can Go To College Now!

And by “go to college” I mean you can go to a college campus and ALMOST purchase a candy bar from the cafeteria vending machine. Check out this little gem that arrived in my INBOX today: Never one to look

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Search Operators – not just for Google anymore

Google is nifty. One thing I particularly like is their use of advanced search operators (I call them search expressions…but who am I to change Google’s nomenclature). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the ability to do

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