Project SHED under way!

Warning – very poor acronym incoming
Project SHED (Shed-building Helps Everyone De-stress) is now under way at the Gale home.  Yesterday my dad and I poured the slab for our new shed as the first step in beautifying our dirt and weed patch we call our yard.  As soon as I find my digital camera I’ll snap some shots and perhaps even create a shed building time-lapse movie for your viewing pleasure.  For now be content to know that it will be an architectural marvel — Frank Lloyd Wright himself has nothing on my shed design.


  • 12’7″ x 16’7″ (208 sq ft — 200 sq ft if Orem City asks)
  • 9′ walls
  • Loft / Attic area
  • 9′ overhead garage door
  • Man door
  • Power overwhelming (+2 pts. for throwing in a Starcraft reference)

Should be fancy!  Stay tuned for more.

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