Remember to Unplug ‘n’ Play this week

Don’t forget this week is Unplug ‘n’ Play week.  So what are you doing reading this (OK I’m kidding myself that anyone reads my blog)…go outside already!

But just so you know, our family is fully mostly on board with the program.  My wife and I have amended the rules with the “after-hours” clause that will allow us to watch some ST:TNG episodes at night once the kids are in bed.  Other than that, we’re unplugged for the week.  Please allow me to say some parting words:

To my Wii – Sorry buddy…I won’t be seeing you this week.  We’ll have to bowl an extra game come Monday.  I will miss your soothing, pulsating blue light.

To my Xbox – Why haven’t I upgraded you to a 360 yet?  I doubt I’ll miss you much this week…but the kids will.

To WoW – We have such a love/hate relationship…I think the time away will be good for both of us.

To Guitar Hero II – I hate that I can’t beat Misirlou on expert yet.  I won’t miss trying this week.

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