Soccer Success!

This weekend’s soccer outing was a huge improvement over last week! I followed all most of my own advice and we had a great time. The only thing I forgot to bring was my digital camera — and since I didn’t have it, Jachin scored his first goal of the season (damn you and your laws Murphy!). I felt like pulling a Brandy Chastain after he scored his goal, but I don’t look nearly as good without my shirt on as she does — not to mention the other parents might have questioned my sanity.

Until next week…keep ’em kickin’

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One thought on “Soccer Success!

  1. I’m a little saddened that you have a clear mental picture of Brandy “Yeah, I wear a sports bra, see?” Chastian. *sigh* Nonetheless, I am glad you did not remove your shirt in front of the all of the repressed soccer moms of Utah County. L.Y.

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