Soccer Survival

I’m officially a soccer mom! No, I don’t drive a Honda Element nor am I female…but both my kids are playing soccer this summer and that makes me a soccer mom (soccer dad doesn’t sound as suburbanite). We had our first Saturday afternoon of games last week and I wanted to share a few “Soccer Game Day Survival” tips that we learned (the hard way).

  1. Bring sunscreen! While the weather was moderate (70-72 degrees) we were outside for 3+ hours and everyone got sunburned! Make sure you have some in your soccer bag at all times — and not the sissy SPF 8 stuff. Honestly…if you’re going to put on SPF why wouldn’t you go for the hard stuff.
  2. Speaking of sunburn, a large golf umbrella might not be a bad idea either. I saw a family on the other side of the field that had one and besides reminding me that I haven’t golfed much this year, it seemed like a pretty good idea.
  3. Water! And not just water…COLD water. We all had water bottles but by the end of our first game the water was approximately the same temperature as my shower each morning. Bring a small cooler full of ice — everyone will be glad you did.
  4. Snacks. Remember that cooler full of ice you brought? Throw in some good game-time snacks including fruit, vegetables and granola bars.
  5. Camping chairs and a blanket are a must! While I generally find myself running up and down the sidelines yelling (read: cheering) at my kids, it’s nice to have a spot to plop yourself down when you get tired.
  6. Don’t forget the camera. Everyone’s got a digital camera these days so bring it with you! I guarantee you’ll want a photo of your 5 year old daughter’s first goal! Besides you never know when you’ll need photographic proof of your child’s amazing sports feats.

I’m still new to this whole thing so I’m sure we’ll learn more as the season goes on. For now I’m looking forward to our next Saturday at the soccer fields!

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