Vacation Debrief

507863815_e08eb0c69c_m.jpgWell I survived the vacation…barely. To summarize my experience I have chosen to write this informative Q&A guide. Enjoy.

Q: What was your vacation destination?

A: The Green Valley Spa and Resort in St. George Utah.

Q: Why did you choose that location?

A: Because I am cheap thrifty. Because the weather is nice. Because the drive is only 500 miles round-trip.

Q: Where is the switch to turn on the sink disposal in a Green Valley Spa and Resort condominium?

A: In the appliance garage behind the coffee maker. Duh!

Q: Where can I get the best ice cream in St. George?

A: Blue Bunny

Q: In what year was the microwave oven introduced?

A: 1967. There’s an original model on display in unit 1634 at the Green Valley Spa and Resort.

Q: What activities did you enjoy while on vacation?

A: Swimming, eating, shopping, hiking, ice creaming (YES, “ice creaming” is an activity), sight-seeing (site-seeing?), sleeping, Phase 10.

Q: Did you take any pictures?

A: Yes

Q: How much money did you spend?

A: More than $200…less than $8,000.

Q: Did you see any hot chicks at the pool?

A: Yes. Two, actually.

Q: Dude…get a tan!

A: That’s not a question.

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