Perfection, Thy Name Is Pearson’s

Have you ever seen perfection?  Allow me to show you.


I stopped by my local IFA store at lunch today to pick up a bag of Fall Blend fertilizer for my rather anemic-looking lawn.  As if being guided from above, I happened to glance at the candy rack where I beheld this confectionary marvel.  I have long been a fan of the Pearson’s Nut Roll — in fact, I consider myself to be somewhat of a nut roll connoisseur.  I have gone through life thinking that the original Pearson’s Nut Roll was the ultimate combination of sugary, salty goodness — never to be outdone by the likes of PayDay, Mr. Goodbar or any *scoff* pecan log.  Little did I suspect that the company to de-throne the Nut Roll would be the same company who created it.

Pearson’s, I tip my hat to you.  You have truly outdone yourselves…with a simple layer of delicious milk chocolate.  My only plaint is the two taunting words emblazoned within the golden ribbon: Limited Edition.  Obviously this treat is not one to be taken for granted, and with a saddened heart I understand that the Chocolate Nut Roll will not be here forever.  Fortunately for me, my IFA store has a large supply on hand and according to this site:

“The average shelf for a chocolate candy bar is anywhere up to six (6) months “

Food storage anyone?

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