These are a few of my favorite games

My buddy and I talked about having a retro-gaming LAN party soon. It got me thinking of all the “good ol’ games” that we used to play. So, in honor of all the wasted hours and empty cans of Mountain Dew, here is installment #1 of “My List of the Best Games EVAR”!

Unreal TournamentUT

I feel like Scotty from one of the greatest Star Trek TNG episodes of all time — “Relics

Computer: Please enter program.
Scotty: The android at the bar told me you could show me my ship. Let me see her.
Computer: Insufficient data. Please specify.
Scotty: The Enterprise! Show me the Enterprise you chattering piece of…
Computer: There have been five Federation starships by that name. Please provide registry number.
Scotty: (perturbed) N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A, B, C, OR D.

Unreal Tournament … no bloody 2003, 2004 (or 2007?) was the best FPS game of all time. My favorite memories of work had nothing to do with the work we did (duh!) … it was all about the after hours UT tournaments! For some reason, no other FPS has quite caught my attention like UT did. It seemed to have the perfect weapon arsenal (minigun anyone?) and that “just right” game play.

Apparently I’m not alone in thinking UT deserves props among the best FPS games of all time. A survey on GameSpot put UT WAY ahead of QIII in FPS popularity and UT has graced many “Best FPS games” lists around the interwebs.
UT vs. Q3

What made UT so great? From GameSpot

As much variety as UT had in its original release, what gave it staying power over the years were the mods and mutators. The mutator format made it easy to package and distribute minor gameplay tweaks, such as instagib game types or low-gravity settings. Since the mutators acted on the game servers, players didn’t have to download anything extra themselves; they just had to join a game with a given mutator enabled. UT’s mod scene also provided a decent selection of free content, such as the popular Tactical Ops mod, which aped the massively popular Counter-Strike but with UT’s much better graphics under the hood. If anyone needs further proof of UT’s greatness, there’s the simple fact that there are still thousands of people playing the core game every day, not just the most popular mods.

Tomorrow Someday….Starcraft

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One thought on “These are a few of my favorite games

  1. Put me down for UT. Still one of the best games out there. And just one other benefit of playing UT that i would like to add to your fine list: it doesn’t require the latest and greatest hardware. It screams on my 5 year old Athlon 1.2GHZ. Can’t wait to try it on my new lappy lap. When’s the lan party?

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