3 People

playoffposter.gifThere are 3 people I don’t like today.

1.  Baron Davis. While he is arguably one of the best point guards in the NBA his cheap shot to former teammate Derek Fisher in Utah’s rout over the Dubs (what the locals like to call the Warriors) last night was completely uncalled for.  What’s worse is how this is being covered in the press today:

Fisher dropped to the floor in a heap after a scary collision with Davis with 1:37 left, but eventually got up to finish the game.


“Scary collision” my butticles!  Davis was frustrated after a 6-16 shooting night against the dominant Jazz defense and he took it out on one of the nicest guys in the NBA.   Sorry GREG BEACHAM, an elbow to the side of the head is not a scary collision…your words imply accidental or incidental contact — it most certainly was not.

And Davis, I know you’re reading this,  we didn’t pull that kind of crap during game 3 on Friday night when we watched your team drop 15 3 pointers on your way to a 20 point victory.  We held our poise, maintained our dignity and lost with good sportsmanship.  You could learn a thing or two.

2.  Jason Richardson for the flagrant foul against Mehmet Okur with 0:37 left in the game and 3.  Doug Collins for having the audacity to blame the situation on Okur – “you shouldn’t drive to the basket in a situation like this”.  In a situation like what?!  Like when playing a BASKETBALL GAME?  I’m no NBA coach or anything…but when the shot clock is winding down, you try to make a basket!  Okur drove in, Richardson went WWF on him and somehow that’s Okur’s fault?!  I guess it’s the 7-11 owner’s fault every time he gets robbed too…right Collins?

All drama and playground tomfoolery aside, the Jazz are looking good in the Playoffs.  They have yet to lose a game at home and there isn’t a team left (save the NJ Nets) that the Jazz didn’t  beat or tie during the regular season.  I officially revise my Utah Jazz Playoff Prediction to have them winning the NBA Title in 5 versus the Detroit Pistons!  Take that Jazz haters!

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3 thoughts on “3 People

  1. WWF? World Wildlife Fund? Oh wait, are you talking about the WWE which used to be called WWF before the worlds wildlife wanted their name back?

  2. HA! At least the cheap shot artists from Oakland got what they deserved last night! OK, they deserve to actually be punished for their misdeeds, but at least they lost the series. Look out San Antonio and/or Phoenix! The Jazz bus is rollin’ down the Finals Expressway and you’ve got your Segway in the fast lane! WOO WOO!

  3. @gshipley
    No I meant WWF…have you ever seen a pissed off elk or a cougar?

    Are Segways allowed on the expressway?

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