Alternative Restaurant Names

big-boy.jpgI’m not sure how it evolved, but over the years my friends and I have come up with Garbage-Pail-esque names for many of the restaurants around town. We generally use this alternative naming convention (ANC) when we’re trying to decide where to go to lunch. A typical conversation might sound like this:

“So where do you want to eat today?”

“How about Taco Smell.”

“Nahh…we ate there earlier this week…maybe Pizza Slut?”

This invariably goes on for 15-20 minutes before a decision is finally made, but I thought it would be fun to document all of our alternative restaurant names for your reading enjoyment.

  • Of course there’s the afore mentioned Taco Smell and Pizza Slut
  • Up-Chuck-a-Rama
  • Sindy’s
  • Burger Schwing
  • Up-Chuck E Cheese (let’s be honest…anyone that used “Chuck” in their restaurant name was asking for it)
  • Scary Queen
  • Barftic Circle
  • El Pollo Grosso
  • Grodey Yogi
  • Papa Cajones
  • Sbarrfo
  • Wienerschnitzel (no alternate necessary…I giggle every time I hear it)
  • Appalling Burger (Apollo Burger)

Do you have any “pet names” for places you like (or dis-like) to eat?

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