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Here’s a little blogger’s trick I’d like to let you in on…when you don’t have anything original to write about, do a “roundup” post! This is the blogger’s equivalent of a TV “clip show”. Now that I’ve completely lost your attention…on with the roundup!

Unbaptized babies go to heaven: Changing a long-standing tenet, pope approves report to change ‘limbo’

A Vatican committee that spent years examining the medieval concept on Friday published a much-anticipated report, concluding that unbaptized babies who die may go to heaven. That could reverse centuries of Roman Catholic traditional belief that the souls of unbaptized babies are condemned to eternity in limbo, a place that is neither heaven nor hell. Limbo is not unpleasant, but it is not a seat alongside God.

But we already knew that.

Novell Bombards SCO with Summary Judgment Motions

Novell has filed 4 motions for Summary Judgment against SCO, which essentially ask the court to toss the remainder of SCO’s case that isn’t already being arbitrated between SUSE and SCO. One seeks a ruling from the court that Novell transfered none of the copyrights in Unix to SCO, which is backed up by many exhibits and declarations from people who negotiated the deal. Another, along the same lines, asks the court to toss the portions of SCO’s Unfair Competition and Breach of Contract claims pertaining to the Unix copyrights. The third asks the court to rule that Novell did not violate the Technology License Agreement between SCO and Novell, and last and also least, the fourth seeks to toss the Slander of Title for the additional reason that SCO has failed to prove any special damages. These motions follow 2 motions for summary judgment filed by Novell late last year on 2 of their counterclaims.”

Poor embattled SCO. It seems like just last month I was still working within your comfortable cubicle walls…oh wait…that was last month.

Bored and vengeful? Try condemnation!

“Roommate leave the milk out again? Some jerk in an SUV cut you off on the way home? Don’t waste your time with insults, rude hand gestures, or weak physical attacks. Instead, try eternal damnation! makes damning souls for an eternity of flame-induced suffering easy! Just enter a name, e-mail address, and an optional path to salvation and your most hated enemies will be engraved upon the Burning Wall of Eternal Damnation. Afterwards, kick back and read the wall to learn why so many people deserve a spot in the stone.”

Any of my old co-workers remember the infamous Saint Jon website (please, oh please let me have a backup of that somewhere)? Same idea…other side of the good vs. evil battle.

And there you have it. A few choice articles that Google Reader (I <3 GR) was kind enough to send across the tubes for me today.

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