Awkward Man Moment

GO JAZZ! Didn’t I say they’d extend this series to seven and give themselves a great chance to advance to round 2? Oh, that’s right…I wrote about them losing in 6. My reverse-psychology motivational ploy worked like a charm! AK, Dee-dub, Booz, Harp — I got your backs.

So picture this…I’m at the game last night and it’s the 4th quarter in a win-or-die game for the Jazz. I had watched a 10 point lead dwindle down to one as the Rockets made an admirable attempt to close out the series. The Jazz came out of a timeout and went on a little rally that got them back up by seven. On their next trip down the court Memo (MONEY!) Okur got the kickout pass while hanging out behind the 3-point line and let it fly. I prayed yesterday that his shot would come back to him (not really) and sure enough…nothing but net! The crowd went insane.

Then it happened…

The guy in seat 6 jumped up and started dishing out the high-fives. I’m talking full-fledged, hard-as-you-can, hand stinging, in-your-face, “am-I-going-to-be-in-the-evening-news” high fives. First the guy on his left, then 2 people in the row behind us, then the drunk bearded guy from row 15. I could tell they were all friends having shared neighboring seats throughout the entire season.

Then I did it…I raised my hand toward him.

I didn’t know this guy from Adam but I was compelled to join in on the celebration. In the split second it took for his hand to reach up and slap mine, I saw the look. The “who-does-this-guy-think-he-is?” look. It was awkward.

You know…I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if the Jazz lost game 7. Some of the guys look like they could use a break and I’m sure they have some nice family activities lined up for the summer. Oh..and I’d never have to see the guy in seat 6 again.

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One thought on “Awkward Man Moment

  1. ahem. wow. I can see why you didn’t tell me about that in person. Not quite as weird as “weird Italian guy”, but still pretty weird. I’ve had moments like those in WalMart with other stay-at-home-moms when something is REALLY on sale… I frey.

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