Free at Last

Nerf warlocks! Buff retribution! Prot warriors are worthless in PvP! Karazhan destroys guilds! Daily quests are full of loss! Oh wait…I don’t care anymore!


That’s right folks…after 3 years and more /played time then I’m willing to admit, I have broken up with Blizzard. I was paying for two accounts and I just didn’t feel like I was getting $30 worth of entertainment out of it each month. I had no interest in raiding after BC came out, questing and grinding was a bore and level 70 PvP was tedium at best. The only thing that has held my interest over the past several monthas was twinked PvP.

Meet Jerrenn. There’s something very fulfilling about taking a lower level character and gearing him up to the absolute max and then unleashing him on unsuspecting victims in Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. My good friend got in on the action and created a 49 warrior, Descartes, who completed the “dynamic duo” of 40-49 PvP. DPS Warrior + Holy Paladin = wtfpwn. Oh the battles we fought….matches single-handedly won for the Alliance, faces melted, HKs galore, nodes captures, flags returned. These were good times.

Like every good thing though…it had to come to an end. Descartes went into retirement feeling like WoW had become Unreal Tournament – only not free. I soon followed and the dynamic duo is no more. Maybe we’ll make a WotLK comeback…I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility. But for now, good luck Alliance 40-49 PvP in the Cyclone battle group…you’ll need it.

So, faithful readers, my first and last WoW post you’ll ever read. Hope you enjoyed.

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6 thoughts on “Free at Last

  1. I followed you into hell, and would do it again gladly.

    Bad Hunter.

    Thanks for all the great times “Flinn”. You were a king among cartoons.

  2. @Tal


    More than anything I’ll miss the great people that I “met” playing this silly game. There are a handful of people that, although I’ve never known in them in RL, I consider to be good friends.

    Bah…you’ve almost got me regretting the decision… 🙁

  3. Dear Flinn-

    Anytime you feel like you’re regretting the decision, promptly go see your wife. She will kick you swiftly in the arse and tell you she loves you and inform you of how cool it is hanging out with your alter-ego “Jon”. Plus, in RL you can make-out. No such freaky-ness in Azeroth.

    the character formerly known as Ezri

  4. I hope that you don’t take my comment as a plea for your return. I applaud you for being able to step away from the time investment that was Flinn/Larana/Ferunn. I’m going over to you video game post now.

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