Me != Dead

Well apparently blogging was like so many other things I tried to do faithfully. Among those: practicing piano, writing in a journal, showering, eating 1 square of dark chocolate each night (the problem here was NOT the faithful part…it was the 1 square part), writing to my pen pals and a few others I’ve conveniently forgotten about.

Any-ol-hoo…I’m just gonna pick up right where I left off and carry on like nothing every happened…la lee lo…never mind the many month absence of quality JG blog posts….lo de do. Carry on people…nothing to see here…recently…but there will be…in the future time.

Wow…I’m rusty…this post really stinks. Look at all the ellipses I’ve had to use to keep things flowing. Oh well, maybe a nice shower tonight followed by some piano playing and journal writing will inspire me for tomorrow.


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