More Ads Than Meets The Eye

autobots.jpgI, like every other patriotic, red-blooded American, went to see Transformers over the 4th of July holiday. The movie was awesome but I walked away from it feeling a little bit scheistered. No, it wasn’t because Soundwave didn’t make an appearance…it was all of the not-so-subtle product placement I was bombarded with throughout the movie.

I knew this was going to be a 2 1/2 hour GM commercial but I wasn’t expecting all the other blatant product plugs throughout the movie. Here are the ones I caught…

  • Captain Lennox used an HP video conferencing unit
  • Sam’s dad takes him to the Porsche dealership
  • Sam mentions eBay and MySpace
  • Mikaela was seen eating at Burger King
  • The little girl by the pool was holding a “My Little Pony” (Hasbro)
  • Glen’s cousin was playing DDR
  • There was a Nokia phone that was “transformed” by the All Spark
  • There was a Mt. Dew vending machine that was “transformed”
  • There was an XBOX 360 that was “transformed”
  • Gratuitous close-up of a Panasonic memory card
  • Nice plug for Ding-Dongs from the P.O.T.U.S.
  • The boombox Decepticon was GPX brand

Holy sell-out Michael Bay! I guess that’s the only way you can make such a rad movie with only $150 million in the budget…

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to BK for a Whopper right after I check my eBay auctions.

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3 thoughts on “More Ads Than Meets The Eye

  1. Soundwave didn’t make the cut? That was the only Deceptacon toy I owned! It was the only Transformer I had, for that matter. Here’s another revealing truth. (I cried at the end of the original Transformer movie.) Yeah, I’m a sucker for a good robot!) I guess that’s why I do standup comedy, in an effort to hang out with heartless nerds – i.e.: Robots.

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