Orem City Council Elections

OK, I can’t make this stuff up. Here are the campaign signs for the local City Council race:


Now I’m no political analyst or anything but based on the candidates names alone, I don’t think it would be too difficult to predict a winner. At least Mr. Whimpey recognized his uphill battle and chose a slogan of: “A STRONG voice for the people”. Too bad Mr. McDonald didn’t do the same: “Tired of the clowns running our city?” or “Now trans-fat free” or “Supersize your vote!” or “Would you like ‘lies’ with that?” (ok that one was weak).

Good luck gentlemen…may the best (named) man win.

UPDATE: Results Are In (OK, they’ve been in for a while but I’m a slacker)

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8 thoughts on “Orem City Council Elections

  1. This has been a running joke in our family. What I wonder, will Councilman Whimpey gladly pay Councilman McDonald tuesday for a hamburger today?

  2. Humor is appropriate as long as we can laugh & lose nothing. Wish we had 1) more candidates who studied the Constitution and 2) more turnout voters. Daily Herald news today 9-12 says Utah County had less than 10 percent turnout. Where are the Americans who prize their freedoms? Does this mean we let our councilmen make decisions for us? Are the voters at McDonalds for a supersize? American, wake up. Voting is not drudgery but a privilege. Let’s not see this happen with Presidential election or the next council selection. If we remain complacent we ALL will have a “losers” laugh.

  3. @Katherine

    For the record, I voted yesterday — what’s more I voted my conscience rather than the name on the ticket. I didn’t see the article in the Herald but I agree that 10% turnout is pretty dismal…and you’d think that on Sept 11 more people would have been eager to exercise their right to vote.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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