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Wow…2 “roundup” posts in as many weeks. You may think I’m losing my penchant for coming up with original blog content. You’re probably right. So on with the show:

Lego + Religion = Awesome!

“Rev. Smith has stated that the goal of The Brick Testament is to give people an increased knowledge of the contents of The Bible in a way that is fun and compelling while staying very true to the original versions. To this end, all stories are retold using direct quotes from The Bible.”

There isn’t a subject matter in the world that can’t be made more interesting with a few buckets of Lego! You don’t want to miss: Moses Commits Murder or Paul Circumcises New Companion (ouch!)

New Meat Cuts

“It’s no secret that grocery stores are adding coffee bars, mouthwatering boulangeries, even sushi bars in hopes of wooing increasingly discerning consumers who want high-quality food without hours of preparation.

The same is true in the butcher case, where a combination of improved butchering techniques and marketing magic have generated new, attractively named cuts of meat designed to appeal to flavor- and time-conscious cooks.

And now these cutting-edge cuts — which include the flatiron, the Western griller, ranch steak and petite tender, to name a few — even are showing up on restaurant menus.”

You’d think by now they would have cut up a cow just about every way imaginable…guess not. Hooray for progress!

Nerdliest Credit Card

“Accrue World of Warcraft gametime at the rate of 1% of every dollar in qualifying purchases. The World of Warcraft Rewards Visa is the only card that pays you to play. “

I thought for sure I’d have some witty comment ready to add to the end of this story…but alas /got nuttin.

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