Utah Jazz playoff run prediction

Jazz lose in six — round one.  You heard it here first!  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Jazz (season ticket holder) but this month has been rough as they went 6-3 to close out the season giving up first-round home court advantage in the process.  Last night they eeked out the win, but I doubt many people were impressed with Yao and McGrady sitting it out.

For some reason the Jazz look flat.  Nobody is playing defense, shots aren’t falling and the starters can never get anything going.  Last night was no different.  The Jazz were outscored 32-20 in the first quarter (did I mention Yao and McGrady weren’t playing) in what looked to be another long night for the Jazz.  As has been the case for most of the season however, the bench came in and saved the day — ultimately outscoring the starters 67-34.  Brown, Milsap and Giricek all had nice games and Araujo even dropped in 8 on their way to a 101-91 victory.

But back to the playoffs. Unless someone in the starting lineup can provide the same spark that Dee Brown or Matt Harpring can, it’s game over in round 1 for the Jazz.

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