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seal.gifI’ve decided to add a new feature to my blog. I know I know…my witty commentary on life combined with my intelligent writing style doesn’t leave much room for improvement…but I’m a progressive-ist. With that said, I am officially introducing the “Gale Force Seal Of Approval” feature to the site. What is this “GFSoA” you say? Well it’s my way of telling you, the humble internet tube-surfer, those things that I deem “cool”, “hip” or otherwise worthy of your attention and/or consumer dollars. So on with it already….

Today’s GFSoA award goes to Sennheiser for their super-awesome PMX 70 headphones.pmx70472.jpg  Here’s what Sennheiser’s marketing folks have to say about these beauties:

Short Description

The rugged stereo neckband headphones fit comfortably behind the neck. The moisture-resistant construction makes these headphones the ideal sports companion.


Ergonomic neckband and vertical transducer system
Powerful neodymium magnets for detailed sound
Sweat and water-resistant
Extremely rugged earphones and cable
Accessories: cable clip

If I had just one gripe about the iPod it would be that the first time I took my brand new 30GB video iPod out jogging it broke.  Boy, that sadPod icon really IS sad…I almost cried.  If I had two gripes about the iPod, gripe #2 would be that the earbud headphones don’t stay in my ears and are, for me, practically useless.  With a mounting collection of useless Apple earbud headphones I set out to find the perfect replacements.  My requirements were simple:

  1. Would be good for working out
  2. Would stay in my ears (seems like a reasonable requirement)
  3. Had a cool day-glo green headphone cord
  4. Sounded better than my current $4 behind-the-neck headphones

After a few Google searches I started to notice a pattern…Sennheiser’s new line of “Sport” headphones kept showing up.  All the reviews I read were favorable so the decision was an easy one.  The only hard part was choosing between the PMX 70 and the OMX 70, which is an over-ear design as opposed to the behind-the-neck variety.  I’ve never had a problem with the behind-the-neck headphones so I settled on the PMX 70 and placed my order. 

Now that I’ve had the headphones for a few days I can tell you that I’m utterly thrilled with my purhcase!  The sound is fantastic and they stay put during even the most rigorous workouts.  The ONLY thing (and honestly it’s hardly worth mentioning) that annoys me slightly, is the fact that the headphone cord came rolled up (see picture above).  After a few days of use the cord is still coiled and has a phone-cord spring effect thing going on.  I’m sure it will relax over time but for now it’s a mild annoyance…but that’s hardly enough to keep Sennheiser from receiving the very first GFSoA award!  Congratulations!


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