The Jazz Have Left The Building

I’m watching the Jazz game…San Antonio is leading by 23 points.  But wait!  That’s not the worst part…the worst part is that it’s still the first quarter!

<deep breath>

Unfortunately for Jazz fans there are a lot of questions and few answers.  When did things go horribly wrong for the team?  How could they advance to the conference finals and then play like they did against San Antonio?  Why kind of bad mojo affected Mehmet?  Who has cooler tattoos: D-dub or Booz?  Why is AK such an emo?  We may never have the answers…but at least we have the entire summer ahead of us to think about it.

Post Game Update: As expected, the Jazz lost…and they did it in craptaculous fashion ultimately trailing by 25 points at the final buzzer.  It’s going to be a long plane ride home for the team…I hope they can tell themselves they left it all out on the court, but from what I saw in game 5, nobody did.

The Jazz Have Left The Building

PS – Sorry Suz…I thought for sure they’d make it back home for game 6 :(  I’ll still give you the tickets for the game…they’ll make a nice bookmark.

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One thought on “The Jazz Have Left The Building

  1. Gee, thx. I’ll take one with a picture Memo on it, if you have one. If no Memo, then Boozer. If no Boozer, just keep your worthless tickets.

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