Good News Son, You Can Go To College Now!

And by “go to college” I mean you can go to a college campus and ALMOST purchase a candy bar from the cafeteria vending machine.

Check out this little gem that arrived in my INBOX today:

Thanks GoDaddy

Never one to look a gift horse 63 cents in the mouth…let me be the first to say: Bob, ICANN…thank you! That $0.63 (or 1/14th of a domain name registration) of GoDaddy store credit is truly a generous gesture.

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One thought on “Good News Son, You Can Go To College Now!

  1. Yes! Now I can finally hit you up for a loan! Hey, at my office you could almost get TWO candy bars with that kind of scratch (you would need another 7 cents). Or 2 sodas. Or best of all, a Snickers AND a soda, with 3 cents leftover to put toward retirement. Just drop it in the ole’ IRA and watch the interest start rolling in… veeeeeerrry slllooooooowwwllly.

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