Living on the Edge

There’s quite a little uproar going on about the release of a certain hex key that can be used to decrypt HD DVD movies. Apparently the AACS doesn’t like it when you publish that particular key on your blog. Desperate for anything to drive some attention and traffic to my blog, I have decided to post that key here; however, I’m going to disguise it as a poem so no one will recognize it for what it really is!

Oh Nine, Eff Nine
One one zero two!
Nine Dee Seven Four,
Ee Three Five Bee.
Dee Eight
Four one
Five Six, See Five?
Sicks Three Five Six,
Eight eight See ZERO.


So welcome AACS, MPAA and other industry watchdogs! Hope you enjoyed my poem.

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3 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

  1. Why yes it is…thanks for noticing. I tried to write it in the Hendecasyllable meter but it didn’t quite fit.

  2. So, I’m curious. How many regulars do you have that visit here now?

    BTW, I like the poetry. I think software companies should start sending out license keys in poetry form.

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